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The driver from Pampas, together with Sebastián Cesana, will participate in his second great odyssey in Saudi Arabia, this time, in the T3 category.

The countdown is running. After 10 months of preparation, first racing in the South American Rally Race, then in the Cordovan rally championship, and later with participation in the World Raid Championship in Morocco and in different events in the Atacama Desert, David Zille is looking forward to the beginning of a new experience in Saudi lands with his co-driver Sebastián Cesana.

“This year has been very productive for us. The fact of having run the Dakar in 2022 gave us a better idea of what we should focus on in preparation. So we trained with a maxi rally car that gave us more speed and more reaction in our driving, especially in the corners. At that point we made a lot of progress and we could see it in Morocco where we did very well in that aspect. The good thing is that we did all this work together with Sebastián (Cesana) and the fact of having done everything together added a lot to us as a team. We also dedicate a lot of time to the physical aspect, but more focused on endurance, running between 25 and 30 km per week to arrive well prepared”.

In 2022 it had an auspicious debut in the Dakar by finishing tenth in the general classification of the T4 division of the side by side and now it is doubling the bet by making the jump to the T3 category with more developed and powerful vehicles. His car will be a Can Am Maverick X3 from the South African team South Racing, one of the strongest teams in the world, which gives him all the guarantees to face the race in the best possible way, being able to concentrate only on his handling and strategies to make.

“We went to T3 because it is a category larger than T4 which allows us to move forward. This vehicle has more speed and that helps us a lot when it comes to overtaking in the race, especially against other UTVs and also trucks. If, for some reason, you have to start from behind, with this technical possibility we can make up ground in an easier way”.

“It is clear that being within South Racing is very important in every way. First, because you are part of a team that includes some of the best drivers in the category, therefore, you share experiences and information about the race that favor you when you are running, and second, because we are in a place where there is a long line of drivers worldwide who want to be. We earned our place in the team after our good performance in Andalucía in 2021 and for the top ten achieved in the Dakar 2022, so we are very happy and proud to be there. Its logistics and structure make your life easier during the race and that is very important when you are looking for a result”

Finishing in the top 10 in 2022 was not easy, but the goal this year is clear; to improve what has been done so far.

“This year we finished tenth in our debut and it was not easy. In any case, we know that we can improve that position, although many conditions have to be met to achieve it. The most difficult thing is to be consistent, a bad day easily limits your final result, but we have high expectations of being able to finish later and we will do our best to achieve it”.