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The meeting was unexpected but fate brought them together to experience the South American Rally Race 2021 together.
“The experience we have with Bruno is beautiful, because we met by chance by a coincidence that we gave to run the SARR. From then on everything went very well, quickly and we gained confidence,” said Zille from Andalusia, barely assimilating the achievement achieved this week.
The duo made their way into the Dakarian environment seeking to orient themselves in the face of the Andalusia Rally experience. “Together with Bruno we contacted teams until we arrived at South Racing and with this experience we have become very good twinned, we have made a good synergy and the results are in sight,” said the pilot.

Direct pass to the Dakar

“After having participated in this world championship rally and having achieved the‘ Road To Dakar ’we have a spectacular incentive and the perfect excuse to run the Dakar,” said the native of May 25, La Pampa, based in Neuquén. “This is an opportunity that we do not want to miss, we will do everything possible to achieve it,” he reaffirmed, although leaving the clarification that the trip to Saudi Arabia is not yet one hundred percent confirmed. “It is an objective that we have set ourselves and we are going to face it from now on with more complete things,” said Zille.
A race that mixes the ultra-professional experiences of drivers who have the sole objective of victory with those who face the challenge of finishing the toughest raid in the world, is a summary of the spirit of the Dakar Rally. The experience is extreme, so even newbies have to meet a number of parameters to be admitted. In this context, there are preparation competitions and those that reward the best of the ‘rookies’ with a direct pass to the Dakar, after evaluating results and performance.
The trip to Dakar will be with South Racing, there is no doubt about that after the shared week in Villamartín. “Because of the way they work, the professionalism, the cars, the competitiveness within the category, it is the best team.” The original idea is to experience one more race in the World Cup and then go to the big goal in January.